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Graphic Design

I am proficeant in many digital software including Adobe creative Suite, Corel Draw, Flash, and Microsoft Office. I can adapt almost any of my fantasical illustrations into a graphic design ready for production. I currently work as art director and in house designer at Fever River Packet Company.

  • Logo and Web Design
  • Photo Retouching and Manipulation
  • Tee Shirt and Other Product Design

Miniature Painting

I’m currently learning to paint and sculpt miniature figures, as well as produce large scale diorama backdrops for them. I’m new to this medium and artistic venue and am anxious to learn. I’ve won a bronze metal at ReaperCon 2012 check my news stories for more updates on my miniature painting progress.

  • 2012 ReaperCon bronze metal
  • Cool Mini page coming Soon!
  • Check out my mini page above


Digital Illustration

I learned to paint in the digital world during collage at AAU, I’ve been using this medium for over 10 years. I love using digital illustration to enhance some of my traditional pieces as well as creating them from scratch for a quick turnaround time. My Digital pieces are featured in my portfolio page above.

  • Wacom digital painting in both Photoshop and Corel Paint
  • See More Digital pieces in my Archives Page
  • Master of Digital Multi Media works


Traditional Illustration

I’ve been working with a series of traditional media for over 14 years, all of my work starts at the sketch stage and this allows me to realize almost any concept for a verity of needs. From portraiture to book covers and comics I’m a master of many mediums.

  • Solid Drawing Skills: Inks, Pencil, Charchole, and Markers
  • Painting Media: Acrylics, Oils, Watercolor and Gouache
  • Solid Sculpting Skills check out news stories and minis for sculpture


About Stuffs about Me

 I was born in Manhattan, and have slowly made my way across these United States in a steady jaunt westward.  At this time I remain unrepresented and am always looking for commissioned work. Although much of my experience comes from non-formal odd “jobs” which have popped up throughout my life. Jobs such as logo design, product design, silk screen design, tattoo design, portraits, characters, random consignment work, and even comic book illustration. I’m currently living in Santa Fe New Mexico working as a personal assistant to the illustrious George RR Martin. My position here at Fever River has allows me to explore my illustration dreams as well as managing to me well an on my toes. Please feel free to contact me with any questions concerning my designs, rates or upcoming schedule of shows and or commissioned work.



1996-1998 Graphic editor: Billings Senior High yearbook and newspaper. I was responsible for graphics and cartoons for the school’s newspaper and yearbook.

1997-2005 Caricature Artist, Freelance: I creatively illustrated patrons at functions and gatherings in the following states: Sugarloaf NY, Billings MT, Seattle WA, Juno AL, Kialua-Kona HI.

1997-2002 Sculpty Figurines, Freelance sales: Independent sales of hand made “littles” at the following businesses: Emerald City Arts Temple NH, Bohemian Music Billings MT, Rosa’s Sugarloaf NY.

2007 Attended the Illustration Academy  tutelage under : Mark English, Chris F. Payne, and George Pratt.

2008-2010 Lead manager for Blick Art Supplies Store in Santa Monica CA. I applied my advanced knowledge of art supplies and applications to boost sales and even pick up a few new tricks.

2011-Present In house Artist and Design manager at Fever River Packet Company at my current location in Santa Fe, NM

  • Graduated from Academy of Art University 2007 BFA Traditional Illustration
  • Bronze Metal from ReaperCon 2012 miniature painting convention contest
  • Winner of Height Street Fair Poster Contest 2008
  • Please Check out my Children’s Book illustrations at Juniper Davis’s website

News Latest Posts

MeatHouse Man Hugo Nomination!

the MHM has been nominated for the LONCON 3 hugo’s for Best Graphic Novel!






Meathouse Man (The Grinder Comics Series) [Kindle Edition] George R. R. Martin (Author), Raya Golden (Illustrator)


Digital List Price: $3.99 Kindle Price: $2.99


This title is a flagship release from Jet City Comics, where original comics join forces with adaptations of popular fiction. Book Description Publication Date: October 15, 2013 Based on the short story by George R.R. Martin, bestselling author of A Game of Thrones, The Meathouse Man is a darkly poignant tale set on a collection of planets called corpse worlds. On these planets, corpse handlers transmit their wills to an army of brainless bodies—once living people now rendered expendable. Perversion abounds as these corpses are exposed to appalling conditions at the whim of handlers. The grim story follows one such handler through his teenage years and into adulthood, across corpse brothels, monotonous jobs, heartbreak, and betrayals. His increased detachment from reality becomes a spiraling descent into rejection and desensitization to the horrors around him. Set among towering buildings, giant rolling planetary processing units, and vast forest terrains on several different worlds, this journey serves as a modern fable of warning and a fascinating exploration of an alternate world perhaps not so different from our own. This comic contains explicit content and is recommended for mature readers.

The MEATHOUSE MAN is Coming This year.

So here it comes this October from Jet City Comics my very first professional production with actual distributing the MEATHOUSE MAN.  Look for it on Amazon for your widgets and whatnots




here’s a quick sum up of what the Meathouse is all about:



Based on the short story by George RR Martin, Meathouse Man is a darkly poignant cautionary tale set on a collection of planets called corpse worlds.  These planets work forces are comprised of an army of brainless bodies steered by “corpse handlers” ; a single man transmitting his will through a halo device.  Expendable bodies of once living people who either, committed enough of a crime somewhere among a thousand worlds or just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong moment.  These corpses are exposed to appalling conditions at the whim of handlers.   We follow one such man, just doing his job, through his teenage years and on into adulthood.  We focus on his lurid encounters at various”Meathouses” or corpse brothels.  We are with him during his first sexual encounters with these “synthabrain” operated prostitutes.  Naturally being exposed to such limitless perversion he begins to have trouble relating to people not enslaved.  His detachment from reality becomes a spiraling descent, painting a grim portrait of rejection and the heartlessness mankind is capable of.   Set among towering buildings, giant rolling planetary processing units and vast forrest terrains on several different worlds this man’s journey still echoes as a modern fable of warning.  Our main character has no name, he represents the potential in every person to loose themselves and reminds us all what is worth fighting for, and what may happen should we give in.

Sir Squeaky gets a Silver Metal.

I’m proud to announce that my entry for this years Reaper Con has won a silver Reaper metal in the Painters category.  It was a wild and wonderful ride out in Denton TX with the whole reaper crew and a special shout out to the amazing Jessica Rich who won Best in Show for her amazing Pre Raphaelite Knight!!!


Sir Squeaky:


IMG_0557 IMG_0559



Jessica Rich’s Pre-Raphaelite Knight:





Progress on Julie Mao Painting

This is the beginning of another multimedia piece.  This first snippet is from

a photoshopped mash of three drawings.

This is after I’ve added value to the line work in photoshop.

it is now ready for some texture and color.

This is were I’m at presently, it’s about 25% complete and ready for some

acrylic work and more progress to come.  Lets see how well Julie goes

in the following month or so will she be done in time for a show?


Six Spear Wives and the Bard


I recently recieved a wicked awesome digital projector for Christmas and this is my first attempt at using it for a larger piece. This piece is going to be both Acrylic and oil on masonite board I hope to make it at least 24 X 36 inches one of my biggest pieces. Above is the first draft of the projected piece. More progress to come!

Polar Bear Progress Example

This image started as a rough sketch, just a simple sketch of the concept and idea I had in mind.

The next image shows my tight sketch which is the next level I take with most pieces bringing the line work into a tight finished stage and ready for color.

The last image is the final digital coloring, this piece should be featured at Juniper Davis’s children’s book website due to launch later this year.

Tee Shirt Possibilities

So here are some ideas I’ve had for shirts in the past and

the sort of thing you’ll be seeing from me in the future.

boycreepy poooe113

Contact Get in Touch

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    • Address:
    • 1602 Salvadoe Pl. Santa Fe, NM 87501
    • Email:
    • sunshine@rayagolden.com
    • rayagoldenart@gmail.com



 Miniature Painting and Design

My Boss George got me into Miniature painting and these are some of the things I’ve done so far.  





 These are some critters curtisy of Dark Sword Miniatures.  Keep checking in and maybe you’ll see some of my own critter designs.




More Critters

 This year’s Reaper Con held at Reaper Mini’s Warehouse in Denton TX, featured many fantastic artists both painters and sculptors.  I was honored to sit among them and had a grad time.  Here are all the mini’s I’ve done to date that are worth mentioning.

IMG_0558 IMG_0559





this first is for a Fevre River Steam Boat Model


seamoserIMG_0472 seamoser2


These were for a viking ship we wanted to put a few oars men to work on.

I really wanted to make a monster and he let me.

Good Times.

 And this is the Winter Scene I made last year for his Wildlings vs. the Nightswatch Display.


winter1 winter3

Now I’m doing Concept for NEW minis :)


turtle_sm                 8016_f1_p_marike

Stay tuned for the Westeros Dragon Designs!

More To Come!